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Want a cute way to decorate your home or apartment for the Halloween season? This DIY tutorial for Halloween luminaries is perfect for creating a fun Halloween vibe in your living space. This DIY project comes from the creative people at Celebrations.


For this project, you will need:
-- Mason jars
-- Orange tissue paper
-- Mod Podge
-- Green ribbon
-- Scissors
-- Black paper or felt
-- Sponge brush
You can find all of these items at a craft store.

Cut and apply tissue paper

Cut the tissue paper into strips. Place the strip of tissue paper on the mason jar and then use the sponge brush to paint Mod Podge over the strip of tissue paper to glue it to the jar. Continue doing this until the entire jar is covered in tissue paper. Let the Mod Podge completely dry.

Apply the face of the Jack-o-lantern

Cut out the face for the Jack-o-lantern from black felt or black paper. Then use glue to attach the face to the Mason jar. Let the glue completely dry.

Add the stem

Tie a piece of green ribbon around the opening of the Mason jar to make a stem for your Halloween luminary.

Light a candle inside and enjoy!

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