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Care Bears count down! Featuring Iron Man
So, I was trolling RD Jr 's page, since I had problems sleeping last night and I found this gem he posted up. This man is awesome..!
Oh and his take on the Breakfast Club. I freaking love his humor lol! And yes, I would watch that movie!
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Actually ok I've been thinking... Bucky would be the nerd. He's the one that wanted to go to a science fair for a double date. Steve is the rebel, all the way. tony's the princess
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I am thinking way too much about this
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LOL Iron Man would be the ultimate Carebear cousin.
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@shannonl5 what about black Widow?
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@LAVONYORK I actually think she'd be the jock! She puts on a good face right, but underneath it she's really struggling. But she's got this surprising compassionate streak too. And she's done so many things she really regrets. Idk I think the parallels there are super interesting
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