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They say some women can be insecure.

Well, they're right, but often times they fail to mention that men can be just as insecure. Insecurity is not gender based. It happens and we all struggle with some sort of insecurity throughout our daily walk in life. Ladies, don't feel some type of way about sharing your insecurities with your guy friend because chances are he has a few that he could probably share as well, but he chooses not to.
Not all men are macho men, they actually have more feelings than we give them credit for. The ones who happen to put up that brick wall and act super tough all the time are usually the ones who are battling with the most -- especially when it comes to being insecure about certain things. Don't believe me? Well, per usual there happens to be proof. If you choose to keep scrolling you will stumble upon a list of guys in their twenties who keep it real when it comes to their many insecurities.
1. "My insecurity stems from not having control in a relationship, where I see a girl texting another guy, and not knowing who he is or what the substance of their association could be." —Adam, 24
2. "Guys are supposed to be great at directions, right? Well, not all of us are. Without GPS I couldn't get anywhere. I would prefer to give bad directions to a passerby than to admit I don't know how to get somewhere." —Brandon, 27
3. ​"The main thing is what people think about me. It took a long time to realize it but it's the reality. Recently, I've worked to fix this but it sometimes still makes me insecure to know people have a problem with who I am." —Greg, 24
4. ​ ​"Getting fatter." —Michael, 27
5. ​"I think the only thing I'm insecure about is getting fat. I hate the feeling of gaining bad weight and losing my good body. I know that sounds cocky but it's true. I also hate bad haircuts. They make me feel insecure." —Jack, 21
6. ​"Usually, I'm insecure about my future because I don't know what will happen to me. I like to be in control, consequently not knowing what my future holds for me makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes." —Federico, 24
​7. ​"Where my career will take me and if I will be successful or not." —Cullen, 26
8. ​"In terms of insecurity, I don't have any currently but I used to be insecure about my height, my skin complexion, the fact that I was born in Kenya, being different from everyone else (I grew up in Oswego), being poor, being single. Today I'm not really insecure about anything, but I sometimes get anxious when I think about settling down, getting married, and starting a family. It's a not a bad thing, just a nervous energy that forces me to really think about if I'm ready for that kind of responsibility and commitment." —Mura, 27
9. ​"I guess my voice makes me insecure? It's a little higher than I'd like. I don't have any standout ones though." —Eric, 20
10. ​"Starting out in the medical career, you learn a lot. You also feel foolish and useless as you work with the experienced physicians and nurses. I'm supposed to save people, so the learning process at times makes me insecure. Also, having virtually no disposable income makes me feel insecure. I can't blindly buy a huge round of drinks when I'm out with my friends or take that cute girl I've been eyeing out on a super nice date." —Joaquin, 24
11. "My height." ​—Nick, 23​
12. ​"My greatest insecurity is that I'm not capable of being in a true-honest-to-god relationship because I don't know how.​" —Mike, 26
13. ​Firstly, I'm scared I'm growing up slower than a lot of my friends and that I'm going to blink and be thirtysomething and single while all my friends are moving on with their lives. Kind of in the same vein, I get worried about meeting someone and having a real connection with them and ​not worrying that someone better isn't just around the corner. Dating stresses me out and I always feel like I end things before they get serious because I'm afraid I'll miss something better. Lastly, I worry that I prioritize my professional successes over everything else." —Dan, 26
14. ​"I would say my biggest insecurity is taking my shirt off in public (beach, pool, etc.). I'm fat and pale. You can hide it when you're wearing clothes but when that shirt comes off, it's all there for the world to see."​ —Andrew, 23
15. "[The] thing I'm most insecure about is that alcoholism is genetic in my family. I have quite a few alcoholics in my family, including my father, and have had many embarrassing moments in my life because of it. Whenever someone new is meeting my family, I'm worried someone will be drunk and do something stupid. In addition to my family, I'm concerned that I could potentially fall down the same path as people others in my family." —Anthony, 26
​16. ​"The inability to be open with my insecurities without being seen as not masculine, which is kinda meta: an insecurity about sharing my insecurities openly. —Greg, 23

It's a breath of fresh air to learn that men too have feelings.

We aren't that different after all. Okay, maybe that was a bit of a stretch.
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@mchlyang that GPS gets to all of us! don't be too hard on yourself lol
2 years ago·Reply
number 14... 😳
2 years ago·Reply
embrace you're entire self :) what you might not find attractive about yourself, someone else will @ShiningamiSan
2 years ago·Reply
Thank you, but I seriously doubt any girl would put "fat and pale" as the makings of an ideal guy... plus I can't tan, and I can't become skinny because of genetics... ugh. @jordanhamilton
2 years ago·Reply
love is love. none of that even matters. someone will be happy to have you. just be patient @ShinigamiSan
2 years ago·Reply