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So I just wanted to show people some bts songs that aren't very popular but i sware they are amazing songs!!! 1. rain-bts
Let me know-bts
Does that make sense - bts
24/7 heaven -bts
Bonus: danger i love this version and the other one! But i have to say this one is my favorite! Have fun♡
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@PrettieeEmm yes it is I'm in love with it! @StephanieDuong yay!! I'm glad! @KellyOConnor it's a very over looked song:(
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You named all of my favorite songs 😍♡
2 years ago·Reply
Damn that version of danger was wooooow!!! I can't stop watching it!! 💕👍
2 years ago·Reply
ehhh~ look at my 언니! ♡
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I love propose and let me know.... I like that danger version.... don't know which one I ljjebetter though
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