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It is the month of October ladies and gentleman. That means HALLOWEEN! Yes the best time of the year. So I thought I would post a manga that had a horror/psychological means to it. Its called: Life is Money
Its about people who where brought together because they needed/wanted money so they had to play this game that takes away one of their sense each time they roll the dice to play. The only way the could win was if a person quit or in most of the cases ended up dead. Even though hurting other constants was against the rules, as long as they were not caught doing it and the others did not find out that they did it, it was fine.
After having ones senses taken away things can get a little critical and crazy. It wears down on the mind
The cover pages for each chapter are colored and have some type critical tie to how the main character or the story.
This is just a part of it when every one decided to ignore a certain character.
All together its not very long, it has around 15 chapters. But its worth the read!
awesome! gonna have to check this out.
its a manga. Its name is> Life Is Money
is this an anime or manga, and Wat Is the name