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If you ever needed proof that the sky is the limit. Here it is.

Proposing while being adventurous must be the new thing. If my future husband happens to be reading this, I'll stick to the traditional way. First it was the guy who proposed to his girlfriend while at the peak of a roller coaster and now there's this guy who proposed to his girlfriend while flying a plan [he happens to be a pilot]. I'll admit, I'm a sap so this was pretty cute.
Think about it, your pilot boyfriend asks you to come for a ride, but you think nothing of it because you two always go for random spontaneous plane rides, right? While in the plane, you fly over a field that has huge white letters that read "marry me". Shoutout to this guys awesome friends for helping him pull this off. I guess traditional proposals are the thing of the past. Maybe it's just me, but I want a man to get on bended knee and ask me to be his one and only. Am I the only one who feels this way? Probably.