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Chapter 2- Chopsticks and A New Friend

After crying for what was probably hours I finally fell to sleep die to exhaustion. I woke up to my stomach grumbling. When was the last time I ate anyway? "GRRRBBGGHHHGRRRGHH!!" I blushed and looked around to see Jin smiling at me. "Let's go eat huh?" he asked. I accepted his offer with a frantic nod and he lifted me up from my bed and placed me in a wheelchair provided by the hospital. I couldn't help myself from smiling as Jin pushed me down the hallway. We had been searching for quite a while now and he was starting to get irritated. "What a huge hospital.. Aiish where could the cafeteria be?" Finally we saw a sign pointing to it. "Hey!! Here it is." I pointed to the sign. He smiled and pinched my cheek, "Good job." The cafeteria was pretty empty except from the occasional employees that were off duty. Jin rolled me to a table and left to raid the serving area. Yah!! He didn't even ask me what I wanted. I was about ten seconds from eating the table when I finally saw Jin coming back with a tray stacked with food.
I looked down at all the wonderful dishes. I didn't recognize many of them so they were probabky Korean considering Jin picked it out. But I did recognize perfectly cooked Galbi. I looked around desperate for something to grab it with. I stared stupidly at Jin as he handed me a pair of chopsticks. I had no idea how to use these!! Seeing my trouble he demonstrated for me. I watched as he grabbed a piece of meat with the chopsticks and placed it right in his mouth. My mouth watered while I stared. I was snapped out of my daze when he got up and positioned his hands over mine. My heart rate skyrocketed and I bit my lip to stop from screaming. He guided my fingers so I were holding the chopsticks right. "Good..Like that!!" He said while removing his hands from mine. I pouted a little as he sat down and continued eating. But I had more important matters to focus on. I reached for the galbi only to be stopped by another pair of chopsticks. Yah!! Why can't I just eat?!? My thoughts were cut off when I heard a familiar voice. "Hyung!! Why didn't you tell me you were eating?" I looked up only to see Jimin staring at me curiously.
"Ohhh I see. You're on a date with your girlfriend." He smiled at me. "Wow she's pretty hyung. Let me at least introduce myself. I am Jimin from BTS and its nice to meet you." ,he said as he bowed. With a wink he added, "Let's be friends." All I could mange was a weak Hi in response. "Well then would it be okay if I joined you?" ,he asked. I nodded my head like a maniac. "Cool let's eat!!" We then both looked at Jin who was busy stuffing his face. "What?" he said while looking at us.
After lunch Jimin decided that he wanted to push me to my room instead of Jin. But Jin refused him and said he would take care of it. As the three of us were nearing my room there was a sudden shout followed by screams behind us. Before Jin could turn me around to the embarrassing scene I already knew what had happened. There in the hospital were my three best friends Aimee, Marisol, and Glo having a mental breakdown. I sighed and put my head in my hands as they made their way to us.


I hope this wasn't too long. I just wanted to make sure I included everything along with introducing some new characters. A special thanks to @AimeeH, @Marilovexoxo, and @glostick for agreeing to being part of the story. You guys are awesome <3 *If you want to be tagged please let me know in the comments below :)* Hope you enjoyed my lovely readers: @allischaaff @lovelikematoi @felicityautumn @DenieceSuit @Exoexo @SarahHawkins @B1A4BTS5ever @VictoriaMorson @MichelleIbarra @ToriBlocker @MaricelvaRomero @Keena85 @AristaJ @cindyamaya14 @drummergirl691 @NadineEsquivel @rosajlm2 @LizzyRubyCiss @punkpandabear @nimikathapa13 @sivegechHeang @adikiller @raenel @BrianaJohnson @otakukpopgirl @DestomyGLove @Baekyeol27 @ElizabethT @parktaemi @xjaymc @delij @RavenQueen0810 @BrianaMarion @sierrakeeper @ShortyGarcia
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