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We just entered fall, but it's never too soon.

As the fall trends have emerged on the scene, the trends for next season are right behind them. It's never too early to get a head start, right? Plus, time flies. It will be the spring before we know it. You have just enough time to get in shape and fill your wardrobe with some of the hottest trends to takeover 2016. Sheesh, it sounds extremely weird saying 2016. Time flies, but never mind that.
The trends you're bound to fall in love with this spring are no longer a secret and it's in your best interest that you take notes. Give yourself and your wardrobe a head start by scrolling to see what trends will be gracing the streets and runways alike in the next couple seasons.

Prints, prints and more prints.

Prints have always been in, but this upcoming season look for prints that make you feel like you just stepped inside of an art museum. Think beautiful abstract.

The Black Neck Bow.

You're probably thinking what's up with the Victorian-esque trends. Don't sleep on them. You will see these trends pretty much everywhere in a few months. You might not be feeling it now, but just wait until you see your favorite celebrity wearing one in the streets, you'll be the first running to buy one. It's different, but different is good -- especially when it comes to fashion.

Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles.

Think Little House on the Prairie meets 21st century. This trend screams girly and feminine, but the trick is to mix this feminine look with a bit of edgy. Don't question it. Just know that it works.

The Statement Earring.

A couple years ago it was all about statement necklaces, but this season it's all about statement earrings. The bigger and more flashier the earring, the better.

The Cut-Out Shoulders.

Just like history repeats itself, fashion has a way of doing the same. This reoccurring trend is back and on the brink of fashion greatness. You don't have to bare it all this spring, but just make sure you're on trend and bare your shoulders.
I'm looking forward to the spring already.

What trends next season have you already fallen in love with?