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I love to make these
for the raw onion rings cut em into to circles.. for the coating you get golden flax seed and you favorite seasoning , I like to ground the flax seeds myself but you can get them grounded.. I like to make cashew cream for the wet but you can use any mylk you want.. the process dip into cashew cream then coat them... same rules apply just like the lentil patties, dehydrate or oven
but if you don't have a dehydrator turn your oven on the lowest setting and Crack it open just a little and you can dehydrate it like that
put everything in a processor then for them into balls or patties , you have two options you can dehydrate them (keep all the nutrients) or put them in the oven
sprouted lentils ,oats red bell pepper ,cilantro, coconut aminos, cumin, chili powder ,and quarter of a onion
oooo do u have w recipe??