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If you've seen pictures of gorgeous pumpkins decked out with rhinestone crystals and loved them just as much as me, then you too are probably trying to find a cheap and easy way to do the same thing! Now, I've seen what Swarovski crystals cost: A LOT OF MONEY! So that's out. And I've also seen how cheap-looking and cloudy the acrylic rhinestones are at the craft stores.

What to do?!?!?!?!

Easy solution: Sequins on the strand, which is sold by the yard. Of course, it's cheaper to buy an entire spool. This will give you meters and meters of sequins on a single strand that will go very far.
What you need:
Spooled sequins (on a strand)
Craft glue/adhesive
Simply glue the sequins in place on the pumpkin. Use any design that you like. Create a cobweb like what you see in the photo above. Just have fun with it!
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