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produced by Gonzo aired in Japan from 2004-2005 with 24 episodes and 16 manga volumes. genre: action comedy
This is kanta the demon of the desert a mercenary/perv of the kanto desert. I really enjoyed this series! I promise this desert punk will make you laugh at basically every episode with his crazy skills and obsession over women.
I find all characters to make a great addition to this anime, there's rivals, love , hate, discuss I mean this is just natural lol no but really ... this anime is super funny. I have been using some of these catch frases since like 2007 and I loved the anime so much that I have been using the name desert punk for all my accounts. yes I'm very attached to this anime and it's probably because it was the first anime I watched from an anime box collection and like not from cartoon network or something.
Its so sad to see this anime to be forgotten, or even worst, not been watched at all! It's such an entertaining anime to watch in fact I'm thinking ill re-watch it after this =)
I have only seen someone once do a cosplay from desert punk =/ so if you have not watched this super amazing, super hilarious, super crazy anime I super recommend to watch it! (note) you might not enjoy it easily offended/ desert punk is not for everyone, take in small doses, if fall in love note that there is no continuing and the end seams like there is but no no there isn't. enjoy .check out my other forgotten animes =)
I like the look of it. I'll have to check it out.
@electica haha that's lame! They didn't see the great demon of the desert that's all
yes mines too! ah memories... I borrowed the collection dvs box from a friend like I don't even remember how long. desertpunk was my name but people thought I was a guy and weird so no one friended me lol
@electica I remember casually stumbling on it on Netflix, back when it used to be on there :'c, and just ended up loving it, I seriously loved everything about it it's in my top tens cx
! im just excited not everyone has forgotten this amazing anime ! =D yey!" I love the way you howl! "lol @mrhades
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