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Anna Kendrick is awesome. I got hip to Kendrick during her lead role in the film "50/50" (btw if you haven't seen that you HAVE to get your hands on it) and I have been hooked to her work ever since.
Kendrick has great energy and an awkward sense of humor. She is always a good sport on camera in any situation.
Today Kendrick made an appearance on "Billy On The Street" to play a game of "What Does Katy Perry's Cat Care About?"
The set of questions asked by Billy made the segment hilarious.
Kendrick had 60 seconds to answer as many questions about Perry's cat as possible. While she couldn't help herself from laughing throughout the game, Kendrick answered enough questions correct to win the game.
For her amazing cat whispering skills, Kendrick receives a huge apostrophe -- Lupita Nyong'o's, in fact. "She doesn't need it anymore?" Kendrick asked. "No, she doesn't, she has an Oscar!" Eichner responded.

Kendrick ended the segment with a quick jab at Anne Hathaway.

Before the clip ends, Kendrick adopts a treacly voice for her one-line acceptance: "It came true."
"Oh, if you guys get that reference, I really love you," Eichner responded. The one-liner was in reference to Hathaway's awkward moment on stage after winning an award.
Anna Kendrick is the best, right?
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