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It's no secret that Everlane is on the brink of greatness.

If you're not familiar with the online retailer and amazing store located in California, than I suggest you get hip and quick. This retailer prides itself in quality, modern pieces that pretty much everyone should own at least one of. Everlane focuses on selling high quality pieces at affordable prices. I mean who doesn't love a bang for their buck, right? I surely do. With that being said, the retailer launched their first pair of Chelsea boots on the site yesterday and the turn out was insane.
The boot came in an assortment of colors ranging from black, tan and burgundy and run you about $235-- perfect for the season. I'm not sure if it was the color options or the boot itself, but there was a 3,000 person waiting list for this specific boot. I'm honestly not surprised because who doesn't love a chelsea boot. You can never have too many, especially when it looks as amazing as this one. The moral of the story is to always go with your gut and order the item when you first see it, if not you'll be one of those 3,000 people that happen to be on a wait list.

Are you loving this chelsea boot?

If so, join the thousands over at to get on the waiting list.