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World鈥檚 Meanest Kid Knocks A Girl Off Her Bike With A Basketball
This may be the funniest video of 2015.
Karma is an interesting thing. My mom used to always say ""Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I guess that frame of mind wasn't taught to the young lady on the bike, and the boy made her pay big time in the video.
The video starts with the boy dribbling a basketball on the sidewalk and then all hell breaks loose.
The little boy stops dribbling to deliver a friendly "Hello ladies" to bike riders passing by. Rather than saying "good afternoon" back (like any polite person would say in return) the ladies deliver a scathing "fuck you" to the child.

They were messing with the wrong one that day, as this little kid has Aaron Rodgers-like precision, dotting this poor girl from a solid 10 yards away. The girl goes flying off the bike.

I feel bad seeing anyone fly through the air like that, but was that comment justified from them while riding by? Sadly the video cuts as the girls as walking back in their direction, I would have loved to see how this one ended.
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got what she deserved for being so rude
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I think she got what she deserved but I don't think condoning violence is the answer either..... 馃槄 One of those gray areas I suppose
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I think this is funny because of how he dribbles the ball in the beginning cx
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what if he threw the ball at the wrong chick. the "fuck you" girl sounds like the girl that said she's going to beat his ass. looks like it hurt though.
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If my kid ever did this to a girl he'd be getting an earful. I don't care what nasty remark a girl made. I would hope I taught him better than this. That girl ain't worth no broken bones or a law suit. Let them biatches be son! 馃槀
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