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i need you EXO L 's!!! i am going to create a MV for EXO with the song I'm gonna stand by you by rachel platten. but i want to involve you guys! so what i want is you to hold a sign or whatever that can say: 1.EXO I'm gonna stand by you!(니 곁에 있을께) 2. If your wings are broken, borrow mine till yours can open too!(니 날개를 다치면 니것이 펴질따 까지 내것을 빌려가) 3. this sign can be to a specific member and what you'll do is write something that they did thats help you or it can be something to encourage them! my email is Jewendt1@hotmail.com you can do these in video form or photo form I NEED THIS DONE BY NOVEMBER 25TH!! PLS PARTICIPATE AND SHOW EXO HOW LOYAL WE ARE AND HOW WE WILL STAND AND LOVE THEM NO MATTER WHAT!
@emilyGardner i look forward to it! and if you could pls share this ^^
this seems fun I will try to do it