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For me, it's gotta be Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. while she may be tough and hard on the others, Erza has her soft side which I absolutely fell in love with. Her storyline is absolutely amazing and I love the relationship she has with Jellal even though it only shoes up for a couple episodes at a pop. but seriously though, a badass and a soft heart? what could be better? what I want to know is what's your favorite Anime Female? let everyone know in the Comments below!
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hatsune miku!!!
I would have to say Asuna Yuki.. she was thrust into a position she never should have been in and conquered all along side Kirito
Nico Robin. She's so different from the traditional "OMG save me hero and I'll eventually be your girlfriend/wifey " or "hey lemme show off my ass...ets with every attack" female. She can be nice one second, and unexpectedly cold the next. Overall, she has a very unique personality when it comes to anime girls. Also while I'm at it, R.I.P. Ryuunosuke
Orihime Inoue. she is a caring, sweet, clumsy, dreamer, and I love her.
Satellizer El Bridget, for being one of the most complex and complete characters I have seen developed in an anime. She is thee tsundere, so much so that she is called the ice queen. But when is cracked by Kazuya she is soft and isn't as bullish confident. Has a terrible dark past but she uses it to be stronger rather then have a defeatist mentality about life.