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In 2014, things turned for the worst for Tracy Morgan due to traumatic injuries he sustained when a Wal-Mart truck collided with his vehicle on the New Jersey Turnpike.
The accident claimed the life of his close friend James “Jimmy Mack” McNair, and it was believed that Tracy would never be able to perform again. Morgan has worked diligently to get himself back on his feet and the hard work has paid off.
The comedian has made an incredible recovery as he recently performed on SNL in front of a live studio audience. In a shocking turn of events, Morgan has announced his nationwide comedy tour!

The tour kicks off in Hammond, New Jersey in February 2016, and the aptly-named “Picking Up The Pieces” tour.

The run will go all across the United States and will hit certain spots in Canada as well. Besides his comedy tour, Morgan reportedly has a pilot in the works for FXX, and will star alongside Charlie Sheen, Christina Hendricks and Ice Cube in the big screen comedy Fist Fight, due out in 2016.
Great work Tracy, great work.
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oh wow! way to come back Tracy Morgan!! comedy has to be in his heart