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Shoutout to all the women embracing their curves.

Body positivity is a huge topic these days and more people are embracing their curves with open arms. I mean why not love the body you've been blessed with, right? I always tell myself, if you don't like something -- simply change it. If you happen to like it, don't worry about what others think because at the end of the day it's your body and only yours.
Curvy beauties Toby Cole [seen below] and Sabina Karlsson [seen above] are showing us what it means to love your body in it's entirety. Toby who happens to be new to the world of modeling at the ripe age of fourteen years old and Sabina who is a veteran at the age of twenty-seven are putting an end to the idea of "plus size" models hence the ongoing hashtag via twitter #droptheplus.
Modeling runs in Toby's family, she happens to be the daughter of model Emme. She says, "I started to have a woman's body in fifth grade" after recalling growing up with her friends who could wear crop tops and eat without gaining any weight, she realized that she was different and learned to love what made her different. As for Sabina, she started out as a "straight size" modeling ranging from a size 0 to 4 and later became a "plus size" model. She says, "I had been struggling the whole time, because it wasn't natural for me to be that skinny," she recalls.
More and more companies are bringing on models that come in all shapes and sizes. It's only right. Not every model is a size two and it's time for the world to realize that. "I'd rather just use the term model. Labels confuse people. If I tell someone I'm a model, they say I'm not skinny enough; if I tell them I'm a pluz-size model, I hear that I'm not curvy enough", says Sabina. Models are models and that is as straight forward as it gets. If you can walk in a pair of heels on the runway and slay any look -- you're a model no matter what you're size. "I can't lie — there's a lot of rejection in this field of work. So you have to be positive and love every inch of yourself — and then some!", says Toby.