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Future Hall Of Fame linebacker and motivational speaker Ray Lewis is coming out with a new book titled "I Feel Like Going On."
While the book will surely be filled with plenty of powerful uplifting passages, one of the first passages to be released addresses the subject people could be most curious about in Lewis’ life: His thoughts on the murders outside an Atlanta nightclub in 2000 for which he was convicted of obstruction of justice.

Lewis has an interesting explanation on why he couldn't committed the crime that evening: He was too well dressed.

I wasn’t about to start mixing it up looking like that. That’s the general rule of thumb when you’re doing the town and looking good. The nicer you’re dressed, the less inclined you are to get in a fight — that is, if you’re even inclined in that way to begin with.”
If that wasn't enough, Lewis went into detail about the quality of his mink coat,which also played a pivotal role in him not taking part in the crime.
“There I was, all dressed out in my mink coat, my fine suit,” Lewis writes. “Dude dresses like that, he’s not looking for a fight. How I was dressed, it made no sense with what went down, those shots being fired, all of that. Forget what kind of statement my clothes might have made. Forget that I might have been a little loud, over the top. Point is, when you’re dressed like that, you’re off to the sidelines, and here were these gangbangers stepping out to us from the shadows, looking to make trouble — but it was trouble we drove right past.”
You're killing me here Ray!
I don't understand how this passage in the book worked it's way past his PR reps and editors of the book. This quote could be a brand diminishing moment for Lewis.
They may want to switch this one up before it's too late.
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@DerekGumtow @havic Inviting our new Vinglers/football fans to the discussion!
The only thing Ray Lewis killed was Kerry Collins' chances of getting a Super Bowl ring smh
@KyleBerke Haha so true!!!
*facepalm* These guys crack me up. For real.