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It takes two, baby.

At least that's what they say. The same can be said for your hair. Second day hair is just as good as first day hair. Give the daily hassle of washing your hair a break and try out a new hairstyle instead. Over washing can lead to stripping your hair and created dryness. Let's try to avoid that at all costs.
If you must add a product to your hair, try a dry shampoo. You won't get the shampoo experience, but you'll get the feeling of clean hair for the moment. Take advantage and enjoy your second day hair with the quick hairstyle ideas seen below] presented by YouTuber, Chrissy Contanza.

Ladies, which second day hairstyle are you loving the most?

I think the last one is super cute if you have extra long hair that you don't want to get in the way. def a good go to hairstyle :) @RaquelArredondo
I really like the first and last one she showed but the struggle is real with my hair T.T I'm 5`5 1/2 and my hair reaches my butt :( I like my hair but no one wants to help me with it like making hairstyles because it's tiring xD it's hilarious ^^
@jordanhamilton I was right! It is cute hahaha but thank you for the recommendation though ^^ I'm going to try it out by myself cx