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konichiwa! today is day 2 of my anime challenge. so today I'm going to "play" some strings and "tune" in with you guy about my favorite anime I watched so far let's not miss a "beat" (someone please acknowledge my music puns (T_T) )
My favorite anime I watched so far would have to be angel beats (sorry fairy tail). I say angel beats because ig has everything in one and I just truly cherish it. this was also one of the anime I watched years ago but I still connect with ya'know?this anime is funny,has action, I like the story line ,plus it will pull at your heart strings a bit(more like a lot and play the most sadest song on the violin that was made with your heart strings) but I do love this anime a lot I might actually re-watch it.
Oh how I love this anime! Everything you said about it is true. One of my favorites but personally I can't choose one that is my #1 favorite.
yeah there real @gummibawrx
@MisaAmane the feels is real
love angel beats it made me cry😭😭 still love it tho❤❤