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As much as I love Kpop, there are certain things about it that bug me other than over working idols and slave contracts. One thing is this... THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE IN ONE GROUP!! Now, to be clear this doesn't bug me because I have to remember so many names and faces (tho let's be honest it can bet troublesome) It's simply because it seems unfair. Think of it this way for example:
● A new group has 7 people in it. ● Their songs range from 3 to 3:30 mins. ● They're mini album has 6 songs and last maybe 25 mins long. ● You have a bias their parts in each song last from 10 to 15 seconds. ● Roughly, that means each member is getting a total of only a few minutes to display their talents in solo parts.
To me that's unfair. Especially when there's more than 5 people in a group. They put so much time and effort into this dream only to be given 4 mins total! So Kpop Companies, please fix this. Here are some examples to help the fix: ● Stop putting more than 5 people in a group ● If you're going to, please make music or help them make music longer than 4 mins ● Consider harmonizing ● Allow members to have solo tracks ● Give them more freedom to display talents elsewhere other than variety shows
As much as I agree, its easier for Korean groups to debut with more people because if you dont like one person there is still a chance you will like another in the group so it gives your group popularity! Also so many members do a lot in the songs then singing, like doing the lyrics,dancing moves, etc. Been a Solo artist is probably harder to debut because you either are loved or not. Its hard to give members solo tracks if the group is not famous.
Good thing i like BTS they have 7 people but rapmonster was allowed to do a mix tape and suga and jhope are working on there's each member has a certain song where all there talents show I think big hit is doing a really good job with splitting the parts equally ^_^ and i think they have a decent amount of time for themselves