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Mmmm yeeessss this midterm review is sooo comfortable
He is experiencing with some new model poses #catfoodmodelstatus
If you love my homework so much then please just do it.
He tryna nonchalantly move his way on
Like... you're too cute for me NOT to notice you Dude.
Yet another card of my cat. I joined Vingle for the kpop community originally. But all I'm doing is making cards of my cat laying on my bed. lol #lifegoals #goingplaces
GET OFF HER HOMEWORK, DUDE!! She needs to study! :|
xD Such a beautiful cat!!! I love that cats have their own personalities c: I have a black cat too, along with many other cats, and he's still a baby lol he used to be a hairball with eyes and now he smashes his nose into my face in an effort to be affectionate because he's too strong xD
@micahsaysnihao Awwwwww! xD
@Luci546 LOLOL he is actually grey, but he looks black in pictures. He also rubs against me and it always makes me so happy lolol He tortures you with his love =P
but* he's too strong, sry, @.@