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@zatch631631 and some don't even have any fanservice or gore! I hate it when people have never even watched anime and just base their hatred on pictures they've seen!
And the worst part is they ALWAYS rub it in your face that they hate Anime! Why?!
I love anime a lot and I hate when people say its dumb and that its for little kids and that they tell me that I would be weird to listen to in Japanese the fact that anime is growing and people are hateing because its becoming more popular on TV not only that I hate when people say they hate anime but low key they enjoy it they just don't want people to make fun of or ect
Glad I have such great anime friends who feel my pain when it comes to anime
I just don't understand why anime fans have to be shit on constantly it can be for everyone and it's not just porn yeah it has fanservice but if you look at other kind of series so do they I say anyone who hates anime has never experienced it and once they do they'll love it as much as we do
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