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Guys please tell me you remember this show! No not teen titans go (¬_¬) But TeenTitans. The one closest to anime. Why Would they replace my childhood cartoon with an even more kiddie version of my show?
Beast Boy is almost the same but not quite. Cyborg was not very playful as he is on this show. Robin is suppose to be in control of the team but now he's sumwhat bullied. Starfire loved robin and surely didnt want him with any other girl-(kitten to be precise)-And Raven......... well......ahh!☝I guess you would say that she wouldn't turn into LadyLegasus.
They even showed an episode yesterday showing control freak on the titans tv showing them how they use to look...Its just all wrong to me. I just want the titans that i use to know tho. Specially Starfire and Robin's relationship. TT Go just ain't gettn it but if ur ok with it...... I won't judge( ̄へ ̄)
hit me right in the feels, totally agree. F**k Teen Titans Go
I know they ruined the show
what is wrong with the world?!...Porqueeeee!!!
Yes u completely get what Im feelin rite now
@DLowLewis I know what you mean.... I miss the original one, it was one of the only things I use to watch as a child. Sometimes I catch myself watching the new one and I'm like what is this? What am I watching?
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