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I wanted to share with you seven super cute Fall pumpkin ideas that you HAVE TO DO this season! I love the classy look of heirloom and white miniature pumpkins and gourds in delicate glass trays and vessels.
Carve out space for tea lights in miniature pumpkins.
Decoupage pumpkins with beautiful papers that you can find anywhere!
Turn a bookcase into an enchanted forest!
Put all your metal spray paint to good use by gilding them in all kinds of colors and finishes.
Create a starry night with holes instead of a traditional pumpkin carving.
Saving my favorite for last, HOW CUTE is this fireplace?! using flame-carved pumpkins and a few candles, this fireplace is both spooky and enchanting!
How are you going to decorate this Fall? More ideas to help you out are all here. Click away!
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it's sooo cute! my favorites are the book shelf and the mini pumpkin with candle!