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Clannad Its about a boy who cares little about school, later he meets a shy, lonely girl. The girl had to repeat a year while her friends had already graduated. The guy ends up hanging out with and later falls In love with the girl. While he hangs with her he meets a lot of kind, cool Kids who he and she become friends with. Genres: comedy, drama, fantasy, romance Rate: 8/10
Clannad after story The second season of Clannad. Tomoya and Nagisa go out. He enters second semester and he continues to meet new people. While dating Nagisa he starts to comprehend the meaning of family, and starts a family after they both graduate from high school. They have a child names Ushio. Genres: romance, drama, comedy Rate 9/10
Anohana Six childhood friends have grown apart since one of their friends death, Menma. Juntan is aimless in life and he starts to see Menma spirit. She says that she has a wish who she has forgotten what it was. He starts to gather the group together like when they where younger. They attempt to fulfill her last wish. Genres: drama, fantasy, romance Rate: 9/10
K A boy is accused of a crime he doesn't remember of committing. And must run away because there is two clans who are trying to kill him. Genres: action, drama, fantasy, mystery Rate: 8/10
Kyoukai no kanata A sophomore named Akihito who appears to be human but is a actually a half youmo. He can quickly heal wounds and is immortal. He meets a strange girl Mirai when she seems to want to jump off the schools roof. Mirai is a lonely girl because of her ability of being able to control her blood, into acid or a kitana. Disturbing events start to happen after Akihito saves Mirai. Genres: action, fantasy, drama, comedy Rate:9/10
Angel beats This is anime is funny but when it's sad it's SAD. It's about a high school full of teens whose lives did not end well. They fight against God believing it's his fault of how sad their live was. If one teen completes their wish they disappear and are reborn. It's a must watch Genres: action, comedy, drama and fantasy Rate: 8/10
Little busters! When Riki was a child both of his parents died and he became depressed. When a boy named kyousuke and his friends invite him to play with them. In his second year of high school they still hang out together. He later finds out that there is a mystery to the world that he is living in. A must watch Genres: drama, comedy, romance. Rate: 9/10
Shigatsu wa kimi no uso Arima kousei is a talented piano player who has won many competitions since he was 12. He stopped playing when he was 14 due to his mothers death. One day he meets a cheerful girl named Kaori who is a violinist since 12 when she went to one of kousei's concert for her school field trip. She then guides Kousei back into the world of music. A must watch Genres:drama, music, romance Rate: 9/10
Plastic memories 18 year old Tsukasa Mizugaki goes to work at the renowned SAI corporation. SAI is known for their androids that posses human emotions called 'giftia'. He is given a partner named Isla who has never had any responsibilities other than serving tea. Genres: comedy, drama Rate: 8/10
These are the saddest anime I've watched. They are not placed in order, I just placed them randomly. If you know any other sad anime please comment them.
@AngelesFraga I love me an anime that can hit me right in the feels sometimes.
@Thatperson512 Agreed after I got done scrolling all the way down to find Angel Beats I scrolled back up looking at them, definitely gonna watch!
I feel you
I think I'll check some of these out.
I think this is a must add but what about full metal alchemist it was great action but it was just as sad at times
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