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Eat Your Kimchi gives a great comparison of the real Korea against K-Drama... I can personally attest to their assessment ㅋㅋㅋ
I've seen then too but its usually a taxi and usually almost crashes but I think the point was, its not a common/easy thing to do ㅋㅋㅋ
okay. a couple things. First, I'm glad you posted this. I subscribe to them but the last couple of years I've found them to be very irritating. secondly, I have witnessed people doing those ridiculous U-turns. Certain times of the day, outside of Seoul proper, the traffic isn't that bad. I lived in Anyang and people made u-turns all the time at main intersections and in the middle of the road. now, of course, they'd be turning into traffic, but it happens just the same. thidly, I feel like they underplayed the pda. my friends and I went to a noreabang, an innocent one where they only serve beer and no other alcohol. there were two high school students in the next room having sex. how did we know? our room was a huge one at the end of a corrider so we could see their reflection-the doors were clear...still haunts me