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I keep being bombarded by the fragrant pinecones at all the craft stores! And every time I go to buy a bag, I think to myself, I CAN MAKE THESE MYSELF. And then I never get around to actually making them. Well all that is changing today!
You definitely want to make these NOW instead of later because while this only takes 5 SECONDS TO MAKE, it takes about 3-4 weeks to cure. Make them this week so they're ready in time for Thanksgiving next month!

Supplies Needed:

Unscented pinecones
Cinnamon Essential oil (or any other scent you prefer)
Heavy duty trash bag


Pour the pinecones into the trash bag.
Assuming your 13 gallon trash bag is FULL of pinecones, add 10-14 drops of essential oil to the bag of pinecones and give a gentle shake.
Store (airtight) in a closet for 3-4 weeks.
These will smell incredible by the time the turkey is being cut and everyone's ready for eggnog. And don't forget that these would make such beautiful and thoughtful gifts for friends and family too!
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awesome xD that smell is like catnip for me