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These talented handsome boys debuted this year in May as N.Flying with FNC. In which they released a new MV today called 'Lonely'!

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Lonely - N.Flying

Are they handsome and talented or what? They are also as CNBLUE a 4 member group or band. & Honestly they really remind me of CNBLUE. I don't know if it's because they are under FNC and that's the company's style but I'm really diggin' their music style. A rock/Rap feel. Also, as well as in CNBLUE the leader in this group is the rapper and I really like his rapping style! Way to go FNC on catching my attention!! -_-
Expecially by putting Jaehyun this handsome dork in your group!! ♡ Oh no! I refuse to get sucked in!! >.<
I don't know if their fan club has an official name yet? But I actually got more of the CNBlue feel during this comeback, but I didn't at all during Awesome. CNBlue never had a punk feel to me, and Awesome blending the Rock and rap definitely has a punk feel, as did the majority of their first album. But I love their new song. And yes KwangJin originally sucked me in, but Hun caught my eye lol.
N.Flying certainly is very similar to CNBLUE. SeungHyub even sounds like YongHwa in some of the songs, Especially in Awesome. I got into this group because of KwangJin but now its hard to choose! I mean Cha Hun is so hot and JaeHyun is so funny (FNC drummers really have a wide ranged personality lol). SeungHyub has the power of HongKi amd Yonghwa and the angel KwangJin! I really love this group. btw does anyone know what their fanclub is called?
@adikiller @baileykayleen I'm not sure about their fan club name. Honestly, I don't know much about them. They've been promoting a lot for this album/MV so I decided to check it out and give them some views. They just caught my eye when 2 of the members (Jaehyun being one of them) went to weekly idol and I watched that episode because Monsta X was in it. In which they both debuted around the same time. They'll probably be coming out with their Fanbase name soon though.