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These talented handsome boys debuted this year in May as N.Flying with FNC. In which they released a new MV today called 'Lonely'!

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Lonely - N.Flying

Are they handsome and talented or what? They are also as CNBLUE a 4 member group or band. & Honestly they really remind me of CNBLUE. I don't know if it's because they are under FNC and that's the company's style but I'm really diggin' their music style. A rock/Rap feel. Also, as well as in CNBLUE the leader in this group is the rapper and I really like his rapping style! Way to go FNC on catching my attention!! -_-
Expecially by putting Jaehyun this handsome dork in your group!! ♡ Oh no! I refuse to get sucked in!! >.<
N.Flying certainly is very similar to CNBLUE. SeungHyub even sounds like YongHwa in some of the songs, Especially in Awesome. I got into this group because of KwangJin but now its hard to choose! I mean Cha Hun is so hot and JaeHyun is so funny (FNC drummers really have a wide ranged personality lol). SeungHyub has the power of HongKi amd Yonghwa and the angel KwangJin! I really love this group. btw does anyone know what their fanclub is called?
I don't know if their fan club has an official name yet? But I actually got more of the CNBlue feel during this comeback, but I didn't at all during Awesome. CNBlue never had a punk feel to me, and Awesome blending the Rock and rap definitely has a punk feel, as did the majority of their first album. But I love their new song. And yes KwangJin originally sucked me in, but Hun caught my eye lol.
@adikiller @baileykayleen I'm not sure about their fan club name. Honestly, I don't know much about them. They've been promoting a lot for this album/MV so I decided to check it out and give them some views. They just caught my eye when 2 of the members (Jaehyun being one of them) went to weekly idol and I watched that episode because Monsta X was in it. In which they both debuted around the same time. They'll probably be coming out with their Fanbase name soon though.