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Why do GD and his songs keep popping up in my mind? My answer to that question will always be because they are so catchy and so unique. Especially this one, just from the beginning it grabs my attention. It'd awesome
This was one of the first songs I listen by GD. I knew from that point on that he was the one that would bring me into Kpop. It's because of him that I'm into Kpop so much. Please listen to this song if you haven't!
Let me know your comments on the song. Also, comment your favorite song by GD!! See you guys later!!!❤❤❤
This was the first song I heard by GD and it instantly caught my attention. I have been hooked ever since.
ok..must admit it is one of my favorite is so hard to chose just one but here goes. ..Dancing on my own and much luv♡♡♡
I looooooooveee this song and GD is a bonus 😘😍😍😍😍
@LinnyOk I have checked out crooked and crayon but not dirty vibe
yeah the guy's so talented @JohnEvans have u listened to dirty vibe?,check out crooked and get your crayon I mean all his songs are good, d guy's all talent I swear