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Stole the idea from @OGv6FATE so go check his list out too (x My list is in no order except maybe number 1. I also tried to keep it to one character per franchise. Remember this is all opinion and to have fun!
10. Ichigo Kurosaki This is one of those rare scenarios where the main character is actually my favorite. (x Ichigo is so funny and has some the most realistic reactions to things I've ever seen and I think that's why I love him.
9. Gaara of the Sand One of the best villains turned hero in any franchise. This guy was the creepiest and scariest mofo out there when he first appeared in the Naruto series and I absolutely loved it. Villains are usually my favorite things about anime and comics and Gaara was one of the best. He had great development to turn in to a hero and it was done very well and I'm glad it happened cuz it meant we got more screen time of him.
8. Gray Fullbuster Gray is my favorite male character in all of Fairy Tail and my 3rd favorite overall. He has one of the best back stories in the entire series and and I love his ice magic. He's funny and it's always enjoyable to see him on screen.
7. Kuwabara My favorite character in Yuyu hakusho and the greatest comedic relief character of all time. I love this guy to death and would watch a spin off series that's just about him he's the funniest anime character I've ever seen. (x
6. Hak Hak is super funny and very powerful. My favorite parts of Yona of the Dawn were watching him interact in hilarious ways with Yona and I hope for a 2nd season!
5. Sora Sora is very hilarious and I had the best interactions with his little sister. A super genius when it comes to super nerd things and I wish I was at good at games as he is. (x
4. Inuyasha Inuyasha is a very interesting character being part demon and part human. I love his angry nature and how he jumps into battle. I also love his interactions with Kagome.
3. Edward Elric What can I say, he's the full metal alchemist. He has an arm that can turn into weapons and can mold the things around him at will. What more do you need.
2. Kirito Kirito is probably the most badass dude we've seen in a long time. He's a well written character and one I was glad to go on a journey with through SAO.
1. Goku I've recently been liking Goku and more and more as I rewatch the series and whatnot. While Vegeta is my favorite character in DBZ and has better character development, Goku is the original idiot but powerful protagonist who helped inspire some other great characters such as Ichigo, Luffy and Naruto. Because of that Goku is more than deserving of this number one spot.
Thanks for checking out my list! Tell me what you think and tell me some of your favorites in the comments! I'll do a female version of this this later this week.
I like how yours is more organized, it was hard for me! xD
@Thatperson512 fair enough
@Thatperson512 why didn't he make the list then? btw I loved how you put Hak in there.
@Thatperson512 whew i almost died there
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