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Halloween is right around the corner! Time to go watch my favorite Halloween themed movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas! Oh! Does anybody ship JackxSally besides me?
This is so pretty! @Marichel @YoSoySoySauce @DaniVO @Juvia13 reminds me that I need to watch this soon while it's still the season for it ^_^
"I feel there's something in the wind..."
@DaniVO brb listening to the soundrack for the rest of forever
@shannonl5 Gosh, I know! Danny Elfman is such a talented film composer! 馃槏 馃幖 @ReplacedChica I have tried watching this movie 3 times since the beginning of October, but we can't even get through the "Halloween" door before Netflix crashes! rawr...I need my Nightmare fix.
@DaniVO Yaaasss! 馃挄 I've been spending the last 4-5 hours listening to the whole soundtrack! And what?! No! Netflix are you on drugs?! 馃槦 Dammit! This movie is essential! Try this website called solarmovie! It has the whole movie for free!