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So me and my mom was watching the top 100 hottest kpop idols. It was all fun and stuff but I want to individualize it. So comment Which B.A.P member u find is the cutest or sexiest. 1-6. 1 being the hottest and 6 being just hot. I'll go first. 1.Bang Yong Guk (bias) 2. Zelo 3.DaeHyun 4.Himechan 5.YoungJae 6. Jongup I'm not good in tagging people so alil help @kpopandkimchi Guys this is all in fun.
1. Yongguk- I mean mature, that voice as deep as the ocean, and damn, that smile is so heart melting. 2. Youngjae- actually my bias, but I can't help that Yongguk is just a little more sexy... but only a little lol. 3. Himchan 4. Jongup 5. Daehyun 6. Zelo- he's more on the level of adorable
1. YONGGUK (my phone autocorrects him to caps that should explain my feelings for him ><, also my bias) 2. Yongjae 3. Daehyun 4. Zelo 5. Jongup 6. Himchan This was soo hard!! DX BAP is just 😍 each member is super 🔥
we shall all wish together hope it comes true
1: Himchan.. I love his face but mostly the eyes😍 2: Yongguk..I love the deep voice 😄 3: Zelo.. I love how he dances so smoothly😎 4: Jongup.. I love his lips 😗 5: I love the smile😀 I can't wait for them to come back! wishful thinking for them to come to America!!
ikr they are all babe's that's y I said sexiest and sexy lol
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