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So the Vingle elections started at the beginning of the week and a lot has already happen. Accusations have been made against candidates and their...uh, specific identity. Are they human or are they cat or are they actually just a giant swarm of bees? Well let’s get to the real stuff now. Debate time.

Before we start, here are some ground rules.

1. You can comment as much as you’d like. You can challenge competitors on their stances, encourage your staff to comment and support you, and continue your point.
2. There are no winners or loser in debates, the point is to get people to talking and supporting your ideas.
I will be tracking how many likes each candidates (total comments) get. I will post who got the most likes on their comments, so support teams...make sure to like like and comment to support your team!

Here are the opponents:

Candidates tag your campaign team to help you out!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?! Why?! How would you use it to make Vingle a better place?

If you wish to write a spin-off card fully represent your opinion after the debate please try to use [Vingle Elections] and add to relevant communities in your title, and Follow the Vingle Election 2015 Collection to make sure you are up to speed on the election!!

You have 24 hours to respond and then I will tally the results!

I would use these powers to blow open ghostgate so Vinglers know the truth. I would use my powers to shower Vingle with cake a goal gifs
@nicolejb Our campaign baker @danse will make gluten free cake
@nicolejb I would have two superpowers, I would take the ability to morph into @twiggytuffsey so that scandal was put to bed, I would also take the ability to morph into a ghost to win the support of @VinMccarthy and give @paulisaghost some ghostly challenges.
@allischaaff As you know, both you, and the love and romance community own a piece of my heart. I would, as I already have, share pictures, cards and recipes for all. My heart would pour open with poetic platitudes to the sweet Vinglers out there, and I am also king of the double meaning. I would also offer one key puns for all @nicolejb does that win your vote?
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