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{TT} Anime Parents!

Yoshioka Futuba and Mabuchi Kou would be amazing parents. They are my favorite anime couple, I know I thought Misaki and Takumi were my favorite but these two are so cute and perfect! Thanks @RosePark!
If they were my parents, they would be the cutest couple in my eyes, make me laugh because of how Kou acts towards Yoshioka and the faces she makes which are the best.
They are both intelligent, especially Kou which is great because then I could possibly be smart just like him. I would inherit good looks because they are both very attractive people. They are the best and I would live for them to be my anime parents!
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Two cool, awesome, good-looking parents. I'm in. :p
@RosePark What a perfect match then lol and thanks!
Youll have a clumsy mother and a poker face father but their personalities are pretty good I have to say ^^ Good picks
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