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First off, I got a little annoyed at my phone for changing Suga's name to "Sugar" the entire time I was making this card! Yoongi is probably the member of Bangtan that I can relate to and understand the most. He looks like a kid and sometimes does aegyo, but for the most part, he has a mature and calm personality. Most fans call it "laziness" but I think it's a good way to balance out the craziness of the group! Yoongi is another songwriter that I really like. I especially like the song he wrote (and was so proud of) "Let Me Know" ā¤ When I first looked up BTS, I wasn't really into them and wasn't comfortable listening to their type of music yet-- of course I thought they only had songs like "N.O" and "Boy In Luv" But when I listened to BTS sing "Let Me Know" live on "A Song for You," Suga's strong rap part and the others' smooth voices caught my attention and made me want to get to know BTS and listen to their music again. Thanks, Suga, for writing "Let Me Know" Even though he is a really, really, REALLY annoying bias ruiner, Suga is just precious ā¤ I feel like there is still a lot I don't know about Suga, but I do know that, because it is kinda rare, his genuine smile brings happiness to lots of fans. Thanks, Suga, for being the way you are. ā¤ Last image== personality pic?? ā¤ā¤ā¤