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Hey guys! I need help in finding a new drama... I just finished watching twenty again and I'm searching for a new drama that it's still ongoing so I can control myself and not have a marathon (Although I want one) when I'm suppose to do homework.... Could you guys comment which dramas I should check out? Thanks a lot!!
By the way... If you guys haven't so already check out twenty again, it's REALLY good and it's a pretty unique drama.... I fell in love with it and hopefully you guys would also like it :)
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@terenailyn No problem! I can't wait to see them both too. Tell me how Angel Eyes go if you ever watch it. I can't make up my mind on if I will or not.
I'm watching I Remember You and its really good! It's a crime-mystery-drama and its addictive!
@xojuliettexox omgg yess I've been wanting to watch it and now that I know it has seungri in it I'm definitely watching it!!!
@ternailyn If it makes you feel better it's a minor plot point and the friend really regrets it all. Also idk how you feel about Lee Dong Wook but his new drama Bubblegum is coming out next week and Reply 1988 is coming out soon as well. So if you don't like currently airing you won't have to wait long :)
Angel Eyes is really good and it has seungri! he has a few scenes in english :)
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