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hi babes. I'm not sure where I stand on life anymore. Im really struggling right now, and ugh. I have surgery in five days and I'm really stressing about that. my injury has made me second guess a lot of things and now the surgery is too. so I'm reflecting a lot and I've decided to reflect on one of my fav. groups Big Bang. I chose them, because they started my kpop journey. they kind of refelct for me, how far I've grown with kpop and personality wise. Each member is special to me.
Daesung is my friends bias and reminds me of the once close friendship I had.
T.O.P is my bias and means the world to me. He is everything I aspire to be.
GD is bae, he reminds me that life is awesome and there's so much to it.
Taeyang is my reminder of earth. when I see his smile, for some reason I've always tied it to green healthy grass, the kind you see in picutres. earth, is the reason we live, it provides us with air, and water. the necessities of life.
Seungri is innocence. Being the youngest, I've always seen him as my innocence that should be valued and cherished much like his membership in the group.
what does Big Bang mean to you? or what does one of your favorite groups mean to you? I want to know, tag me in the posts <3
Good luck with your surgery!! I'm sure it'll go well 😄 but to answer your question, beast has gotten me through a lot and I love each of the members for their quirks and how they all seem to be in harmony and I love them all so much for their songs, their personality, and just staying strong for us.
@magicbananas yes, unite!
@SerenaMcG 😃 we have to help one another through hard times! K-poppers Unite!!
@SerenaMcG totes I'm always open to fangirling
Good luck with the surgery and keep your head up. Look at the positive and unique qualities you have. Everyone has something that makes them stand out. I personally love BigBang and have since I first found kpop. G-Dragon is my favorite for so many reasons. His solo music and group music have inspired me in many ways. I laugh at the humor in a few of the music videos. Very enjoyable and great choice. I also really enjoy 4minute and BTS. Side note, you should check out Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. She's a funky jpop artist. Let me know what you think! @SerenaMcG
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