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Don't let your feels leak guys!!! Q^Q BE STRONG!! TTTATTT This is a quote from Lachi from SAO season 1 part 1. For those of you who don't know SAO is basically about a bunch of gamers buying the game SAO and have to use a new system called, Nerve-Gear to play it. Nerve-Gear puts your physical body in a sleep like state and catches the signals your brain sends out and uses them for the game being played. Our main protagonist, Kazuto Kirigaya(Kirito) is someone known as a Beater. After being trapped in the game the players have been given an objective, beat the game and be released or die trying. What happens from there you'll have to watch and find out. Ciao~
One of the best animes out there in my opinion.
I cried so much during that episode I still do. Don't judge me