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This is part of the 13 Days of Halloween Anime! Remember to check out @hikaymm to see the original post.
The character I want to dress up as is Goku. Even though Vegeta is by far my favorite character, I don't think I could do him justice (x Goku I can just act like an idiot and have fun and he has much more iconic attacks for me to pretend to do and need out with. Lol
Comment who you'd dress up as or create your own card! Happy Halloween!
next year i WILL cosplay as vegeta go house by house and do the Bingo Dance. 🎶🎶BINGO! tada da da tada ta BINGO!🎶🎶
that's awesome!!!! lol good idea XD i like that you picked goku since you can have more fun than him, i have to agree it would be more fun to goof around a bit