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Not ready for bed yet but this VS match would actually work out like the photo above.. Agreed?
@VinMcCarthy Let's agree to disagree. Goku would win. But you're right, that is pretty annoying... also, he often acts like a giant tool.
@maxi217 but not even goku unfortunately >.< this is part of why I hate superman. he's just too much
@VinMcCarthy Oh Dr.Manhattan. And of course Goku... :'D I have to agree. The Krytonian is just far too overpowered. Wolverine is great, but not in the same league. Superman is on another level.
@maxi217 it might not bend quite like the picture depicts, but I certainly would. Provided supes has had any sun at all really that day, he'd wreck wolverine. even from a distance if he had to. I don't even like superman, but the problem with most any superman vs ... ideas, superman wins. except, maybe, against Dr. Manhattan
Oh if it's a fight Supes wins!
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