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I don't even have words for this... I just couldn't stop laughing at how bad these are but at least they tried.
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@shannonl5 Other than BvS that was the most hype I felt for a super hero movie in awhile!
@OGv6FATE @shannonl5 I do have to agree. The F4 movie was a defiant failure. It was so disappointing.
@OGv6FATE @ypl333 yeah it's sad but the one with Chris Evans was probably the best one T_T it really feels like with the most recent one nobody cared about the characters at all. The Thing was the biggest disappointment for me I didn't appreciate the characterization at all. I was really interested in the casting of Johnny but then it felt like they didn't do anything with the character at all!
@OGv6FATE I'm totally hype for Batman v Superman too though I have a feeling that one's actually going to be GOOD
@shannonl5 Marvel just needs the rights back! And I agree, I'm so hyped! I feel like it'll break a record!