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Hey guys. I know this could be considered late or old news. BUT GD has a new tattoo. Here is a card I made dedicated to GD'S body art.
As we know GD is not a stranger to ink.
GD and Taeyang Bestie Taeyang has a few too.
Here is an article my about GD getting his new tattoo in NY and Taeyang supposedly got one too. I included the link to the original article.
This is a close up.

What do u think about his new tattoo? Comment below!

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They make me wanna go get another tattoo. And a real one this time because a hand tattoo is not enough
i love tats and i love them on him. i like his new one. still saving up for my second and third tat that i want..
wow its really pretty
I love tattoos. I was just fawning over Ilhoon's the other day because I didn't even know he had some, let alone two. ;; But I like most of GD's tattoos although I'm not sure how I feel about this new one. Lol