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Just a little curious about who y'all would ship me with ^_^ and since I'm not one to do a selfie often but I've been in a great mood lately!!
I have been feeling a bit more confident recently since I have lost 28 lbs!! I may not look like Sistar but I'm getting closer to where I would like to be (: it's definitely been hard but always worth it ^_^
UPDATE: If anyone read my earlier posts about me changing majors (thanks to BTS's N.O.) well I finally sat down with someone who gave me more options to look at and so far they look promising!! By November I will possibly be starting my path on something I will actually enjoy!!
Oh and a plus.. my birthday is on Monday ^_^ which means on Halloween I finally get to go to Fright Fest at Six Flags!!!!
I'm soooo excited!!! I love October ^_^
P.S Halloween is my cheat day.. so I can eat whatever I want without feeling guilty ^_^
Yaaayyy cheat day! You picked the right day ^_^ 28 lbs, that's an incredible feat!!! Go you :) although I'm sure you're GORGEOUS no matter what the scale says <3 Love all the images you used, I hope this gets 33 likes so you post a selfieee :D
Fighting! 馃憤馃憤馃憤
Yay! I don't know you but congrats on the 28 pounds and on deciding on a major you enjoy. That makes the classes much better.
@JessAS I hope so! I hope that for you as well:)
@Ercurrent that's really good! so far everyone I know wants to change because what they wanted wasn't exactly what they thought it was.. but looks like you'll love what you do 馃榿
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