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Fangirling in Starbucks super hard after finding this gif!

A little about me-

First Drama Ever: My Princess - so good! Some of my favorite dramas: Hong Gil Dong Protect the Boss Boys Over Flowers (2nd drama ever!) Gentleman's Dignity (sexy old guys? yes please!) Coffee Prince (seen it 5 times!) Heirs (seen it twice!) School 2013 The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (ZOMG!) City Hunter (seen it 3 or 4 times) Reply 1997 Recently Finished: Yong Pal (card coming soon, maybe) Currently Watching: The Return of Superman (the First Year) Late Night Restaurant
It's okay newbies... I, too, feel like a captive of the KDrama world, like my buddy here Lee JoonKi in "2 Weeks". Embrace us, love us, share your little fangirl/boy hearts. We understand you. We love you. We want to marathon dramas with you and talk (cry) about them!! @kpopandkimchi will take really good care of you
KDramas don't have to be your secret story...
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PROTECT THE BOSS!!! JAEJOONG!!! I need to watch this so badly - JJ was my first Kpop bias EVER!!!!!!!!