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The cereal company General Mills did an entire makeover of their cereal, converting it into gluten-free, but after a “human-error” mistake the company is recalling 1.8 million boxes of Cheerios.
“As president of General Mills’ cereal business, I am embarrassed and truly sorry to announce today that we are recalling boxes of Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios produced on several dates at our Lodi, California facility,” wrote Jim Murphy, president of the Cereal division at General Mills.
Some argue that the president acted in a hurried, timely matter, after receiving 39 customer reports that the cereal had made them sick. But others think this human error could be detrimental to the company in the long-run. As a former well-trust brand they might’ve lost a few costumers on this one.
@InPlainSight promises cake with gluten-free options baked by they campaign baker @Danse. How do we know they will provide this cake without human error? How can this campaign make sure they are not the next General Mills?

Do you think General Mills did the right thing?

It's called the Tylenol Policy. Remember the nationwide 100% recall of millions of Tylenol bottles in the 70s/80s, due to some psycho adulterating the pills with poison, causing a few deaths? Tylenol's swift decision to recall EVERY TYLENOL BOTTLE IN AMERICA is now the case study by which many conduct food/consumable recalls. Tylenol not only bounced back in a big way, consumers' loyalty and trust in the company soared. Since then, this model of recall strategy is what experts point to as the best call of action. Let's not forget, the CEO of the peanut butter scandal, that caused deaths and illness (because he approved of faking FDA and inspection reports), is now rotting in prison for 48 years because of it. General Mills is a major US brand and DEFINITELY did the right thing with the recall.
It wasn't actually General Mills' fault, yet they have moved quickly to take responsibility for their customers. One of the company's that ship their product didn't properly decontaminate a shipping container. I think they did a great job considering their circumstance.
General Mills will be much better and diligent, since this did happen. As one with food allergies, I will still buy the gf Cheerios, though I know a lot that won't touch them...and are actually down right nasty about General Mills.
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