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I just finished it. I closed the store down. I'm curled into a ball behind the counter. I hear the door being pulled on and people knocking. No. Go away. Let me wallow in my sadness. Ugh. *insert dying, congested whale noises* That is all.
@ButterflyBlu Good luck. You'll need it. ;-;
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@Arellano1052 I started it alone, but tonight I was hanging with my friend and we were talking about something to watch after dinner. I was telling him about this show and he says, "that sounds good, let's watch that." /facepalm lol So I started it over again! Thank goodness I won't be alone with it...but I'll still be coming back to you two! ^.^
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@Arellano1052 @RosePark I hate you BOTH right now. Ugh. 😭😭😭
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@ButterflyBlu Yay! You finished ^.^
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@Arellano1052 Yeeeah. We did. It freaking murdered me. Seriously. Dead...
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@ButterflyBlu It's okay... It's going to hurt for a few more weeks. Yuuuunnnnoooo </3 😢😭
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