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Hi Vingle Friends!

Here's an exciting announcement for ya!

Pikachu will now be available in Build-A-Bear stores next year!

The Build-A-Bear Workshop and The Pokemon Company in collaboration will bring dress-up Pikachu to Pokemon fans in North America, Europe and Australia. It will also be made available online!

Pikachu will be come with clothing options such as a Pokeball hoodie and a Charizard costume. You can even add a voice chip to Pikachu! If this alone isn't enough, you will receive a free Pokémon Trading Card with every Pikachu purchase!

Are you guys excited to build your Pikachu? I know I am! ^_^

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omgomgomgomgomg it's over I will have to start a raid so I can get one *sighs deeply at thought of no anime friends
Heck Yeah! Pikachu is the homie lol 😄
holy crap who doesn't want 2 build a pikachu
hellz yes
I WANT THIS SO BAD A nearly adult boy going to a Build-a-Bear by himself isn't weird what are you talking about