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diabolic lovers is so hot πŸ’•
Ayato Laito and Kanato πŸ’• 😍
@MorsByNex going from left to right in all of the pics, First group of pics, first slide 1st one i'm pretty sure is "another" 2nd: "free!" 3rd: "SAO / sword art online" (totally obvs) 4th (i really don't know...) 5th: kuroko no basket 6th is "k / k project" -2nd slide- idk -3rd slide- attack on titan -4th slide- Naruto -5th slide- my little monster -6th slide- senyuu -7th slide- no game no life -8th slide- idk -9th slide- not an anime. shes the vocaloid hatsune miku -10th slide- idk second group of pics, first slide first three are obvious, DBZ, the last avatar, and Naruto... 4th: "one piece" 600+ eps 5th: "fairy tail" (recommended if you're up for 100+ eps that is) 6th: "blue exorcist" 7th: "hunter x hunter" 8th (i don't know...) -2nd slide- beelzebub -3 and 4 slide- pikachu -5h slide - daily life of high school boys -6th slide- noragami -7th slide- idk -8th slide- idk for the gifs, slides 1-5 is from diabolic lovers 6th slide is from mekaku city actors idk the 7th or 8th one 9-10 is form no game no life hope you liked it... spent a lot of time lol
I'm new and this is my favorite card so far.
facts boy
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